Experiencing the loss of a loved one is a profoundly emotional journey, and when your loved one has opted for cremation or direct cremation, selecting the ideal place for scattering their ashes becomes a pivotal choice.

Gloucestershire's unique combination of natural beauty and historical charm offers a wide array of options for crafting a heartfelt and personalised tribute. Whether you envision scattering ashes by a serene riverbank, within the embrace of a tranquil woodland, or against the backdrop of the county's iconic landmarks, Gloucestershire provides a serene and meaningful setting for commemorating those who have passed away.

Where Can You Scatter Ashes in Gloucestershire, UK?

Scattering ashes in Gloucestershire is a deeply personal and heartfelt way to pay tribute to a loved one. This picturesque county in southwestern England offers a range of beautiful and meaningful locations.

Here are four picturesque locations in Gloucestershire that you can explore as potential sites for scattering the ashes of your loved one:

Forest of Dean

One of the most iconic places to scatter ashes in Gloucestershire is the Forest of Dean. This ancient woodland, with its towering trees, tranquil glades, and meandering rivers, provides a serene and natural setting for the ceremony. The history of the forest, combined with its lush greenery, offers a sense of timeless connection to both nature and the memories of those who have passed.

forest of dean


For those seeking a more open and pastoral setting, the Cotswolds, with its rolling hills, charming villages, and meadows blanketed in wildflowers, offers a picturesque backdrop for scattering ashes. Whether it's the charming town of Bourton-on-the-Water or the picturesque landscape of Bibury, the Cotswolds provide a sense of serenity and connection to the timeless beauty of the English countryside.

River Severn

The banks of the River Severn, which winds its way through Gloucestershire, offer a beautiful setting for scattering ashes. The slow-flowing river, surrounded by the gentle hills and lush vegetation, creates a serene and reflective atmosphere. The ashes can be released into the water, symbolising the eternal flow of life.


Tewkesbury, a historic market town at the confluence of the river Avon, offers a unique setting for ash scattering. The town's medieval architecture and riverside charm create a peaceful atmosphere, allowing families to reflect and remember their loved ones in a place steeped in history and character.

Cotswolds in Gloucestershire

How to Scatter Ashes Responsibly in Gloucestershire?

Scattering ashes responsibly in the stunning landscapes of Gloucestershire offers a poignant way to honour a loved one's memory amid the county's natural beauty. However, it's crucial to understand and adhere to any local regulations governing ash scattering in this region. By following these regulations, you not only show respect for the law but also contribute to the preservation of Gloucestershire's pristine environment, which adds to the county's unique charm.

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