Regulatory Information

Regulated status

Celebration of Life Planning Ltd is a funeral plan provider regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on to the Financial Services Register under reference 958912.

Payments disclosure

Celebration of Life Planning Ltd retain an amount from the price paid by you for your Plan to cover our marketing and sales expenses, business running costs and administration throughout the life of each Plan. 

The total cost of our prepaid direct cremation plan is £1,450.

This consists of two parts:

  • £500 is retained by us to cover the cost of setting up and maintenance of the plan as well as marketing and company running costs.
  • £950 is then put into a secure Trust that is completely separate from the business, ready to pay for the funeral when it is needed.

The £350 non-refundable management fee that is detailed on the funeral plan, makes up part of the £500 retained by the company. However, you as a plan payer will only be liable up to the amount of £350 for our management fee, not the full £500, if you cancel your plan after the cancellation period ends.

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