When a loved one passes, there are many decisions that need to be made. Amongst the most important comes with funeral arrangements, and deciding how their life will be celebrated in a way they would have wanted.

It can be a challenge trying to figure out which option is best suited to you and your family’s situation, especially when you don’t have the necessary information.

Even if you know that your loved one wanted a cremation, you may not be aware of your options for where, and how, their cremation can be handled.

So, to help make things easier for you, here’s a direct comparison on the differences between a traditional, and direct cremation.

Traditional cremation service vs direct cremation

To start things off, let’s explore what a traditional cremation service involves.

In many cases, you’ll be working with a funeral home to arrange more than just a cremation itself. This is generally sold as a ‘package’ offering which may also include services, such as:

  • Embalming and dressing your loved one before the cremation service
  • Transportation of your loved one to and from the funeral home
  • A private viewing for friends and family before the cremation (with either open or closed casket)
  • A witness to observe the cremation as it takes place
  • A memorial service and/or traditional funeral service

On top of this, you’ll likely be given the option to include flowers, catering services, a decorative urn, and much more, which is typically charged at an additional fee.

Direct cremations, though, are a much more straight forward and cost-effective alternative.

Rather than having an elaborate service with viewings, flowers, and everything else involved, direct cremations focus on the fundamentals. This means you get the transportation and the cremation itself, without the fuss of a traditional funeral service.

Not only does this mean you’re free from the otherwise strict timetable of a traditional cremation service, but you can save a lot of money by doing so too. In fact, let’s have a look at the costs involved for each service and find out exactly how much you could potentially save.

direct cremation service

The cost of a traditional cremation vs direct cremation

Despite the common misconception that all funerals are expensive, pricing varies depending on the service you decide on, as well as how elaborate of a package you choose to purchase. Here’s an example.

On average, the cost for a traditional cremation is £3,885. Seems quite steep, doesn’t it? Direct cremations, on the other hand, offer a much more affordable alternative. With an average cost of £1,554, you can save more than 50% compared to traditional cremations.

Direct cremation from Celebration of Life

At Celebration of Life, our direct cremation services start from just £950. This includes 24/7 help and guidance, collection from anywhere in Great Britain, a coffin supplied, care for the deceased at our mortuary facilities, and ashes returned within Great Britain - we give you the freedom to hold a positive and more personal memorial service.

If you’d like to find out more about our direct cremation services, you can do so from our direct cremation page. Alternatively, contact us today with any questions you may have, we’re always happy to help where we can.

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