Prepaid funeral plans are now regulated by the FCA

Celebration of Life Planning Ltd is a funeral plan provider authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered onto the Financial Services Register under reference 958912.


We only provide one prepaid plan that includes everything you need for our direct cremation, guaranteed.

What is included?

What is included?

  • 24/7 help and guidance
  • A management fee of £350 to cover the cost of setting up your plan
  • Collection (including an urgent collection from a private residence) from any location in mainland Great Britain
  • A simple, traditional coffin
  • Removal of any electronic devices such as a pacemaker
  • All disbursements including crematorium and doctors’ fees
  • An unattended cremation at our trusted partner crematorium
  • Ashes returned by hand to a loved one within Great Britain or scattered in the crematorium's garden of remembrance
  • Contact
  • Collection
  • Cremation
  • Ashes returned
Celebration of Life Cremation

A positive lasting memory

Our direct cremation plan avoids the distress of a rushed crematorium service.

This gives your loved ones the freedom to hold a positive and more personal celebration of life.

What is not included?

A direct cremation means there is no service at the crematorium, so there are certain things that are never included in this style of service.

  • The use of a hearse or limousine
  • Flowers or tributes (family are free to send us items to place in the coffin)
  • Collection from outside of Great Britain*
  • Choice of crematorium or cremation time* (we will let the family know the date and time of the cremation)
  • A ceremony at the crematorium or mourners attending the committal*

*Although these are not part of a direct cremation service, they can be purchased for an additional fee at the time of need.

Why choose our prepaid plan?

Secure today’s price

Once you have purchased a plan, there's no need to worry about the price of funerals going up as you will already be covered ready for the future.


Make your wishes clear

A funeral plan is an ideal way to let others know what you want to happen.


Funeral costs paid

Paying in advance can give you peace of mind knowing that your family won’t have any further costs towards our direct cremation to worry about.

We prefer to specialise in only one type of plan

We're here for you anytime 24 hours a day

Everything needed for our direct cremation is included

Funerals are carried out by our expert team

Take a look at our reviews

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How much is our prepaid direct cremation plan?

You can pay in full for £1,450


You can also pay by monthly instalments up to 5 years

Try our payment calculator

24 Monthly instalments

All funeral plans include a £350 management fee to cover the cost of setting up your plan.

Instalment plans include an instalment charge of 4.8% of the total cost per year to help keep up with inflation.

If you choose an instalment plan, you can pay a deposit, pay your plan off or switch plans any time - simply give us a call.

Buy a funeral plan

Funeral plan terms and conditions


Would you like to see our brochure before purchasing a plan?

Get more information by post

Paying monthly still gives you protection

As long as payments are up to date and you've not missed more than one payment, you'll be covered for accidental death straight away and after 2 years you'll be covered for any type of death, even if your plan hasn't finished yet.

By covered we mean we'll still provide your funeral for you. As soon as your plan is paid in full, you will be covered no matter what.

Your money is held securely

  • The money you pay is held in a secure trust completely separate from our business
  • The trust is administered by independent professional trustees
  • A full audit of the trust accounts is performed annually
  • The trust is subject to an actuarial verification each year
  • Your money is guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Is a prepaid plan right for you?

A pre-paid funeral plan will usually cost you slightly more than if you needed to arrange a direct cremation today, as there are costs involved with setting up your plan. 

Our pre-paid direct cremation plan is £1,450 if you pay in full and includes everything you may need for our direct cremation service.

This £1,450 plan consists of two parts:

  • £350 funeral plan management fee, this covers the cost of setting up your plan.
  • £1,100 is then put into Trust ready to pay for the funeral when it’s needed. This is an average cost of what our direct cremation prices range from and covers you for everything you may need for our direct cremation.

Whereas if you needed to arrange a direct cremation with us for someone who has recently passed away, the price ranges from £850 to £1,522 depending on your needs. You can find out more about our at-need service here. Please bear in mind that our at-need pricing is subject to increase without notice. 

If you think you may need the funeral soon and would rather wait, simply give the person likely to make the arrangements our details so they can call us direct at the time of need. However, if you would prefer to pay in advance or secure a price that's fixed and guaranteed, our prepaid plan may be better suited to your needs.

Pre-paid plan

Funeral plans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

This means you can feel confident in knowing that your plan with us is protected.

Regulation means regular monitoring to ensure the utmost high standards are upheld, complaints can be resolved by the Financial Ombudsman Service and additional financial protection for you is provided by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Other important information about our prepaid direct cremation

What if we go out of business?

Your money is paid into a secure trust which is completely separate from our business. In the unlikely event that we go out of business, a suitable replacement provider will take over the funeral plan contracts. If that is not possible then you will be refunded an amount equivalent to purchase a replacement plan on terms corresponding to this one. Your money is additionally backed up and guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

What if I change my mind?

We provide a 60 day full money back guarantee, so if you change your mind within 60 days of purchase, you will be refunded in full. Cancellation after this time will result in a refund of all monies paid less our upfront management fee of £350.

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be over 18 to purchase a plan. There is no upper age limit if you decide to pay in full or by monthly instalment up to 2 years. If you want to pay by instalment over either 3, 4 or 5 years, then the person who the plan is for must be 75 or younger at the time of application.

What documents will I receive?

After purchasing a plan with us, you will receive all documents in the post within 5 working days. We can even send a copy to your next of kin. You'll receive; a welcome letter, funeral plan summary, plan certificate with your unique plan number, 2 x plastic cards with your plan number and our contact details and full terms and conditions as well as other useful information.

What would you like to do next?


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