If you have recently scattered a loved one’s ashes in a special place, you may wish to find a meaningful way to remember them at the place they were scattered. It is natural to want something that offers time and a place to connect with someone you’ve lost.

Depending on which location the ashes are spread, there may be certain restrictions on what kind of memorial marker you can leave. For example, if the ashes have been scattered on public land or trust land, large plaques or built structures will not be permitted. So, here are three subtle yet meaningful ways to mark the place of a loved one’s scattered ashes.

1. Engrave a memorial rock

If you have scattered ashes on National Trust land or in a nature reserve, you will most likely be limited to the type and size of the memorial marker you wish to leave. Any marker left in these locations must not disrupt the local wildlife and should be discreet with no interference with other’s enjoyment of the land. To avoid a memorial being removed or incurring any fines, a subtle way to mark the place is to engrave a rock taken from the location with a personal message and place it back at the site once carved.

Carving a local rock will allow you to commemorate your loved one privately, and without disturbing the surrounding environment. These rocks can be carved by a professional or for an even more personal touch, can be carved by yourself using a Dremel carving kit.

memorial rock engraved with poem

2. Memorial bench

Another personal way to mark the place of a loved one’s scattered ashes is by requesting a memorial bench. If you wish to place the bench in a public place such as a park or a seaside promenade, you will need to request this through the local council. Depending on the location, this may not be possible. However, if it is, a memorial bench can be a beautiful way to remember your loved ones and connect with them by visiting the place where they rest. Alternatively, consider getting a memorial bench with a plaque for your own garden, so you can enjoy it every day.

3. Lay flowers

Laying flowers at the place where you have spread a loved one’s ashes is a perfect way to remember them and mark the location. However, if you wish to do this at a nature reserve, you will need to place local flowers without any plastic wrap around them to ensure they biodegrade and don’t stand out against the natural backdrop. Laying flowers each time you visit the spot will help you connect with your loved one and pay your respects.

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