The passing of a loved one is a difficult time, and deciding what to do with their ashes can be a significant decision. If your loved one has chosen cremation or direct cremation, you may be searching for meaningful ways to scatter their ashes in a place that resonates with their memory.

Hampshire is a county located in the southern region of the UK and boasts an abundance of natural beauty. Renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes, vast coastlines, rolling hills and picturesque countryside, Hampshire is an excellent place to scatter your loved one's ashes.

In this article, we will explore some of the most beautiful places in Hampshire for scattering ashes and offer advice on how to scatter responsibly in natural environments.

Where Can You Scatter Ashes in Hampshire, UK?

You can scatter ashes in many places throughout Hampshire. If you are in doubt about whether or not you can scatter ashes in a specific location, simply ask the landowner for permission. In general, you are fine to scatter ashes in public places like parks and woodlands, provided you do not cause a disturbance to the natural environment or other people enjoying the area. 

Below we have listed 4 beautiful places in Hampshire you can scatter your loved one’s ashes: 

1: Scatter Your Loved One’s Ashes in The New Forest National Park

The New Forest in Hampshire is a beautiful and popular destination for those looking for a peaceful and serene location to scatter their loved one's ashes. The area covers over 220 square miles and comprises ancient woodlands, heathlands, and grasslands that offer a range of natural settings for scattering ashes.

The New Forest has various locations within the park where you can scatter ashes, from secluded glades and peaceful streams to open spaces with stunning views. These settings provide a calm and peaceful environment, where you can take time to remember your loved one and say your final goodbyes.

scattering ashes in the new forest

2: Scatter Your Loved One’s Ashes in Portsmouth Harbour

If your loved one was a fan of history or loved to be by the sea, then Portsmouth Harbour is a stunning location to scatter ashes, with its vast coastline and tranquil waters. You can choose to scatter ashes from a boat or directly onto the shore, providing a unique and peaceful setting to say your final goodbye to your loved one. The harbour is also home to several historical sites, including the HMS Victory and the Mary Rose Museum, which can add a significant personal touch to your loved one's final resting place.

scatter ashes in portsmouth harbour

3: Scatter Your Loved One’s Ashes in the South Downs National Park

The South Downs is another stunning location in Hampshire where you can scatter your loved one's ashes. Covering 1,600 square kilometres, it is England's newest national park and boasts a diverse range of landscapes from chalk cliffs and rolling hills to ancient woodlands and river valleys.

There are various locations within the South Downs where you can scatter ashes, from secluded spots overlooking the sea to peaceful meadows surrounded by wildflowers. The South Downs also offers an array of walking trails where you can take a peaceful walk and remember your loved one while surrounded by the natural beauty of the area.

Scattering ashes in the South Downs provides a unique and beautiful setting to say goodbye to your loved one, with breathtaking scenery and tranquil surroundings that offer a lasting and meaningful tribute.

4: Scatter Your Loved One’s Ashes on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a beautiful island off the south coast of England and is a popular location for scattering ashes. There are many beautiful beaches and secluded spots where you can scatter ashes on the shore, and you can also scatter ashes at sea. 

Scattering ashes on the shore can be a personal and meaningful way to say goodbye to a loved one. Some popular locations for scattering ashes on the Isle of Wight include the cliffs at Culver Down, the beach at Sandown, and the Needles.

Scattering ashes at sea is another popular option on the Isle of Wight, and there are many companies that offer scattering services. You can scatter ashes from a boat, and some companies even offer biodegradable urns that can be placed in the water and will eventually dissolve, releasing the ashes. 

How to scatter ashes responsibly

Before deciding on which beautiful location in Hampshire you are going to scatter your loved one’s ashes, it is important to ensure that you are aware of how to scatter responsibly so the location continues to thrive naturally and be a beautiful resting place. To guide you, we have collected some pointers from the Woodland Trust and the Environment Agency on responsible scattering:

  • Scatter thinly over a wide area away from the main pathways.
  • Do not mark the ground in any way, e.g. with flowers, crosses or large stones.
  • Do not plant any bulbs, flowers, or trees.
  • Choose a quiet moment when fewer people are likely to be around.
  • Your site should be more than 1km upstream of any abstraction of water. You can check this by phoning your local Environment Agency office.
  • Ashes should be spread as close to the surface of the water as possible, and you should avoid windy days so that ashes do not affect people living or working nearby.
  • Scatter the ashes at least three nautical miles from the coast, using a biodegradable urn.

For More Help on Scattering Ashes, or to Arrange a Direct Cremation:

We hope this article has helped you find a beautiful place in Hampshire to scatter your loved one’s ashes. If you need any further advice on this topic or are looking to arrange a direct cremationget in touch with our expert team today. We’re available whenever you need us and more than happy to help.

scattering ashes on the isle of wight

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