Losing a loved one is an emotionally taxing experience, and navigating the logistics of arranging a funeral can add an extra layer of stress during an already difficult time.

However, opting for a simple funeral, such as direct cremation, can streamline the process while honouring your loved one's memory with dignity and respect.

In this blog, we'll guide you through the steps of arranging a simple funeral.

Benefits of Direct Cremation

Opting for direct cremation offers several advantages:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Direct cremation is often more affordable than traditional burial services, making it a practical choice for those on a budget.
  • Simplicity: The streamlined nature of direct cremation reduces the logistical complexities associated with traditional funerals, alleviating stress for grieving families.
  • Flexibility: Families have the freedom to plan memorial services or celebrations of life at their own pace and convenience, allowing for more personalised and meaningful tributes.
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Steps to Arrange a Simple Funeral

1. Research Funeral Service Providers:

Begin by researching funeral homes or cremation services in your area that offer direct cremation. Consider factors such as reputation, pricing, and the services they provide.

At Celebration of Life, we specialise in offering simple and affordable funerals for families across Great Britain with unrivalled in-house customer support.

2. Obtain Necessary Documentation

You'll need to gather important documents such as the deceased's death certificate and any prearranged funeral plans, they may have made. If the deceased didn't leave instructions, you may need to make decisions on their behalf.

3. Consult with the Funeral Director

Schedule a meeting with a funeral director to discuss your preferences and finalise arrangements. Be clear about opting for direct cremation and inquire about any additional services you may require, such as urn selection or memorialisation options.

At Celebration of Life, we donate to plant a tree in memory for every service we do. We then send you our dedication certificate after our service is complete.


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4. Arrange Transportation

Coordinate transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the crematorium. The funeral home or cremation service provider will typically handle this aspect for you.

At Celebration of Life, we collect the deceased from anywhere within mainland Great Britain and take care of them at our mortuary facilities. This includes suitable transport to the crematorium for cremation.

5. Notify Family and Friends

Inform family members and close friends about the arrangements and any plans for memorial services or gatherings following the cremation, if desired. 

6.Consider Memorialisation Options

Although direct cremation doesn't involve a traditional funeral service, you may still choose to hold a memorial service or celebration of life at a later date.

This allows loved ones to come together to honour and remember the deceased in a meaningful way. 

7. Receive the Cremated Remains

Once the cremation process is complete, you'll receive the cremated remains in an urn or container of your choice. You can then decide on a final resting place, whether it be scattering the ashes, interring them in a cemetery, or keeping them in a memorial urn at home.


At Celebration of Life, we deliver the ashes in a beautiful biodegradable urn that can be buried in the ground or used to scatter the ashes somewhere special.

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