Arranging a funeral is a difficult task, but when factoring in the cost, it can become even more overwhelming. The cost of a funeral can vary greatly depending on the location, provider, and services selected. 

In this article, we will provide average costs for cremation funerals in the UK and offer tips for those looking to arrange a more affordable but still dignified send-off. This blog should assist you in making informed decisions when arranging a cremation for your loved one, or even in advance for yourself.


On average, how much does a cremation cost in the UK?

According to the latest Cost of Dying report by Sun Life, the average cost of cremation in the UK varies depending on the type of cremation service, and provider chosen. 

In this report, the cost of dying, including funeral expenses, has been found to have risen by an average of 2.6% in the past year, with the average cost of a cremation now standing at £3,824. With the current rate of inflation, this price is predicted to rise even further in the coming years. 

With many families in the UK hit by the effects of the Cost of Living crisis, this amount of money is often not affordable, nor realistic, especially if the funeral is being arranged at-need, without a prepaid cremation plan in place. 

With prices for cremations varying depending on provider and service, arranging one on a budget can be a difficult task if not researched and compared properly. To help you understand the costs involved and make the right decision for you and your loved-one, we have collated a breakdown of all of the average prices and costs for each cremation service available in the UK.

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How much does an unattended/ direct cremation cost?

The most basic option for a cremation is a simple cremation- also known as a direct or unattended cremation. A direct cremation is a funeral process in which the deceased is cremated without a traditional funeral service or any mourners present. Instead, family and friends can come together somewhere more personal to celebrate the life of their loved one. The idea behind an unattended cremation is to provide a simple and affordable option for those who wish to have a more personal send-off. 

The average cost of a simple cremation in the UK is £1,735. This type of cremation is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as it provides an option for those who want to arrange a more affordable send-off, without the fuss and stress of a service or wake.

The most affordable direct cremation available in the UK right now is from us here at Celebration of Life. At Celebration of Life, we offer one of the UK’s lowest-price direct cremations, both pre-paid and at-need. Starting at £850, our direct cremations include help and guidance, collection from anywhere in Great Britain, a simple traditional coffin, care of the deceased at our mortuary facilities, removal of any electronic devices such as a pacemaker, and a direct cremation at our partner crematorium.

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How much does an attended cremation cost in the UK?

A cremation with a service, also known as an attended cremation, is the next step up from a Direct Cremation. This type of cremation includes a ceremony at the crematorium, where friends and family can attend and pay their final respects. The service usually lasts around 30 minutes and can include music, readings, or a eulogy. 

The average cost of a cremation with a service in the UK is £3,594. This type of cremation provides a balance between affordability and the opportunity for loved ones to say goodbye in a meaningful way.


How much does a full-service cremation cost in the UK?

A cremation with a service and a wake, also known as a full-service cremation, is the most comprehensive option. This type of cremation includes a ceremony at the crematorium, followed by a wake or reception after the service. The wake or reception can be held at the crematorium or at a separate location, such as a funeral home or a family member's home. 

The average cost of a full-service cremation in the UK is £4,874. This type of cremation is usually chosen by those who wish to have a more traditional funeral experience and provides an opportunity for friends and family to gather and celebrate the life of the deceased.

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Is a prepaid funeral plan more affordable?

Like most things in life, planning ahead is sensible, and your funeral should be no different. Although planning your own funeral before you have passed can seem morbid, it can actually benefit you and your loved ones when the inevitable happens.

Apart from ensuring your wishes are honoured and saving your loved ones from the stress of having to arrange a last-minute funeral, prepaid plans are actually a more affordable solution. This is because prepaid funeral plans allow you to pay for your funeral in advance, with a fixed cost at today's prices. As prices for funeral goods and services are likely to increase over time, having a prepaid plan in place earlier rather than later can save you and your loved-ones a lot of money when the time comes. 

With a prepaid funeral plan, you can lock in the cost of your funeral at today's prices and make payments over time, rather than paying for the entire cost of the funeral all at once.


The average cost of cremations in the UK: Key takeaways

We hope this article has helped you understand the costs involved in UK cremation services a bit better. After reading this blog, you should hopefully have a better sense of which path is right for you and your loved-ones depending on the needs, and budget you have.

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