The current cost of living crisis is becoming an increasing concern for many families across the UK. With the prices of daily essentials such as heating, electricity, and food skyrocketing; many are being left with little to no money for funeral costs. 

According to reports, one in six families are experiencing significant financial concerns over funerals, especially in cases where pre-paid plans are not in place. With the cost of basic funerals set at an average price of around £3,000 - £4,000, and this set to rise further with inflation, many families are left with no option but to seek more affordable avenues. 

If you are worried about funeral costs during the current cost of living crisis, we have written this helpful guide with advice on arranging a low-cost, but still dignified send off for a loved one.

Three ways to reduce funeral costs in the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis has left growing numbers of families unable to cover the costs of a funeral for their loved one.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can reduce funeral costs, and these include:


Consider a Direct Cremation

According to Sunlife’s 2022 Cost of Dying report, the most affordable funeral in the UK is currently direct cremation, at an average price of £1,647 (depending on the provider). This is a reduction of over half the price of a traditional burial or cremation.

Direct cremations are unattended, with no mourners present. Instead, the ashes are delivered to you and your family after the cremation, allowing you to gather for a more private and personal send-off whether it be at home, in the garden, or at their favourite national trust spot. This removes the need to pay out on expenses such as limousines, funeral directors, funeral order sheets, rental of wake premises, and flowers (all of which make up the majority of the average basic funeral cost).

Direct cremations are a great way to reduce costs, whilst still giving your loved one a decent send-off. Many providers include the costs of collection, cremation, and delivery of ashes within their price*, allowing you and your family to mourn without the stress of planning and paying for a traditional funeral during the already stressful enough cost of living crisis.

*Not all direct cremation providers include the same services within their price. Some may have hidden additional costs, so be sure to shop around before committing.

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Cut down on optional funeral costs

If your loved one requested a burial or traditional cremation service before they passed, there are still plenty of ways you can reduce overall costs whilst still honouring their wishes. Many funeral elements we assume to be essential, are actually often optional. For example, instead of you and family following the hearse in a limousine, there is no reason you can’t arrange to follow the hearse in your own vehicles or meet at or near the venue.

Other ways you can cut down on optional funeral costs include:

  • Host the wake at home instead of a hired venue.
  • Provide your own catering for the wake rather than paying for a caterer.
  • Choose less expensive flowers for arrangements or pick flowers from your garden.
  • Go digital for funeral announcements, thank you cards, and obituaries.

By cutting down on these optional funeral expenses, you can arrange a special send-off at a considerably lower price.

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Compare funeral providers and opt for the best value service

As funeral provider fees make up the majority of funeral costs, it is important you find the right one for your needs and budget. Funeral costs can vary significantly between each service (whether it be a burial, cremation, or direct cremation), and the funeral provider of these services. 

If you are looking to reduce funeral costs, the best way to do so is by comparing each provider, their fees, and what these fees include. As mentioned above, not all providers include the same services as part of their standard fee and may have additional hidden costs – so keep this in mind. By comparing all of your options, you will be able to select the most affordable provider for your needs.

Arrange a low cost direct cremation with Celebration of Life

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