Direct cremations are becoming more and more popular here in the UK, and Google Trends supports this. However, not everyone is aware of what a direct cremation is, what the service consists of, and why they’re such a favourable choice.

If you’re curious about direct cremations and want to learn more, you’re in the right place. Here, we explore everything you need to know about direct cremations so you can prepare for a worry-free send off.

In this article, we cover:

What is a direct cremation?

We’ve covered this in a previous blog, so will keep it short and sweet - a direct cremation is a simple, dignified cremation without the need of a crematorium service. Essentially, it offers a low-cost alternative to a more traditional funeral, allowing you to bid a respectful farewell in a simple, fuss-free way.

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What does a direct cremation consist of?

Without a formal funeral, or any pre-funeral events, direct cremations are the simplest way to follow the death of a loved one. Simply provide your chosen direct cremation specialist with the information of the deceased and they will:

  • Collect the body and organize the care a mortuary facility
  • Arrange all paperwork and legal documents
  • Agree on a time and place for the cremation
  • Deliver the ashes back on a day that suits you

It’s important to note, the features of a direct cremation can vary depending on the provider you choose, and additional services may be available at an extra cost.

Why choose a direct cremation?

Providing a no-fuss farewell isn’t the only benefit that comes with choosing a direct cremation. From cost savings, through to personal and religious beliefs, there are several other reasons why a direct cremation may be the ideal send-off for you or a loved one:

Save costs

Put simply, direct cremations are a less expensive option when comparing to a traditional funeral. In fact, with the average cost of a UK funeral now at an all-time high of £4,417, thousands can be saved through arranging a direct cremation.

How? There’s no need to hire a chapel, pay for a celebrant, flowers, or limousines - it’s a simple direct cremation achieved with little contribution, but with maximum care.

At Celebration of Life, we specialise in offering direct cremation services from as little as £950 – saving you up to 75% of what a conventional funeral would cost. Our direct cremation services provide unbeatable value and include:

  • 24/7 help and guidance
  • Collection from anywhere in Great Britain
  • A simple traditional coffin
  • Care of the deceased at our mortuary facilities
  • An unattended cremation at our partner crematorium
  • Ashes returned by hand within Great Britain

Why not discover more on our direct cremation offering, or contact us today. We’re more than happy to talk you through the direct cremation process, answer any questions you have, and support you and your family throughout – we’re always standing by to help.

A personal meaning

Personal meanings can be another strong reason as to why one might favour a direct cremation. A traditional funeral with undertakers and black overcoats can be hard to relate to, and the thought of a hearse driving slowly to the crematorium isn’t something that appeals to all. In these cases, an individual may appreciate a send-off more in line with their desires.

Separating the cremation from the memorial provides the perfect opportunity to make a celebration much more personal, more authentic, and one that reflects how a loved one lived.

Some may opt for a celebration of life with live music, drinks and food, while others may prefer a more intimate gathering with family and friends. Whatever the case, a direct cremation offers you the freedom to say goodbye in a more meaningful way.

Friends or family live far away

Distance can make it hard for relatives and friends to travel to a funeral, especially for those abroad. Arranging a direct cremation now, and a more personalised memorial later can make arranging a time and place that suits a lot easier.

Non-religious send off

Direct cremations offer a simple way to avoid a religious funeral. Whether you’re not religious, or have friends and family with varied beliefs, the simple nature of a direct cremation allows you to organise any celebration of life in the style and place of your choice.

Less fuss

For some, the idea of a direct cremation may seem a little too simple. But for many, opting for less fuss is the way forward. So, if you haven’t any strong feelings about your funeral, and don’t want to spend hours planning, a direct cremation could be the perfect choice for you or a loved one.

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How to choose a direct cremation provider

It’s important to choose a direct cremation provider that you can trust, one that will do their upmost to support you, and have the facilities available to carry out a respectful service right from the collection of the deceased. Be sure to do your research, read reviews, and speak to service providers directly to make sure you’re in the right hands.

Arranging a direct cremation with Celebration of Life

When someone close to you dies, it can be an extremely emotional time. That’s why at Celebration of Life, we are dedicated to supporting people through what can be such a difficult chapter. From the point of collection, right though to the cremation service and delivery of ashes, our process is carried out with utmost care, support, and respect for both you and your loved one. For more information on our direct cremation service, and to find out exactly how we can support you, contact our friendly support team today.

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