For the most part, traditional burials are well-known and easily understood, but the same cannot always be said for direct cremations. Despite their recent increase in popularity, especially post COVID-19, some misconceptions on the service still persist.

But at a sensitive time in your lives, we want you and your family to have the facts that allow you to make an informed decision. In this article, we’re debunking four of the biggest myths surrounding direct cremations.

1. Myth: A direct cremation is for those who cannot afford a traditional service

Whilst direct cremations are less expensive than traditional funerals, that doesn’t mean they’re always a second or third option due to cost. Yes, direct cremations can be arranged at more than 50% cheaper than traditional cremations, however, the cost savings are rarely the biggest influence here. Many choose direct cremations due to the ‘no-fuss’ service. It’s a personal choice that suits their wishes and avoids the stress that can often be involved when arranging and attending a traditional send-off.

Fact: Famous people such as Prince, John Lennon and Albert Einstein chose direct cremations over the traditional casket and pallbearer funeral. More individuals are choosing direct cremations today, including those who can afford a lavish send-off.

2. Myth: A direct cremation is arranged for those who are not cared about

The emphasis on low cost in direct cremation publicity can lead some to view it as lacking empathy. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Families want to honour their loved ones with a dignified farewell, and direct cremations provide this opportunity. Direct cremations are respectful to both the deceased's wishes and the family, as it allows them to personalise their tribute without the cost, hassle, and stress of a traditional funeral.

Fact: When opting for a direct cremation, you’re free to celebrate the loss of your loved one with a more personal send off. Celebrations can be done in a private and befitting way that is in line with the wishes and beliefs of the deceased.

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3. Myth: A direct cremation has a negative impact on the grieving process

Many believe that a traditional funeral should be held in order to help through the grief of losing a loved one. However, this has proven to be incorrect.

Fact: A recent scientific study discovered that a direct cremation is in fact no way harmful to the grieving process. In fact, the type of funeral service didn’t have an impact on how much grief was experienced over the course of weeks months after the loss. The study actually found that people who viewed the body of their spouse prior to cremation or burial experienced increased levels of grief compared to those who chose not to.

4. Myth: A direct cremation does not allow for a memorial service

This misconception is truthfully opposite from reality. With a direct cremation, your memorial and celebration options are endless and can be arranged at any time. The only difference? A traditional memorial service will include the cremation of the body.

Fact: A direct cremation gives you and your family the freedom to plan the most fitting and unique send-off. By skipping the actual cremation part, you and your family can plan a memorial that is completely under your control.

For ideas and tips on celebrating the loss of a loved one, read our guide to planning a celebration of life memorial.

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