If you have recently lost your partner, a family member, or friend that chose cremation following their death, creating a lasting memorial can seem quite the challenge.

While you can celebrate their life in many fantastic ways, whether that be a family trip to the deceased’s favourite location, or a small gathering at your residence with food and drink, cremations often lack the physical place of memorial that comes with a burial.

However, this can be easily solved with one simple but thoughtful gesture. By scattering your loved one’s ashes in a place of significant meaning, you, your family, and friends have a physical place to visit and pay your respect.

With that said, let’s take a look at 4 popular places to scatter ashes in the UK following a cremation.

1. A nearby forest or woodland area

In the UK, we’re lucky to have easy access to many wooded areas in almost every direction we go, and choosing such an area is extremely popular. Not only due to the wonderful scenes of nature these areas have to offer, finding a secluded area with a tree or milestone that can act as a memorial makes returning to pay respects easy.

woodland area

2. At sea, a river, or stream

Being buried at sea is a fairly common request. However, the logistics and costs involved can be very disconcerting. So, an alternative option that comes at no cost could be scattering ashes at a beach, by a river, or stream.

When releasing ashes at the seaside, be sure to take wind levels into consideration. Try to plan your trip on a calm day to avoid the ashes taking off upon release. Or make sure you and any attendees stand upwind, so the ashes are carried onto the beach or out at sea.


3. At home

Scattering a loved one’s ashes can be as easy as choosing a spot in your garden. This way you can pay them a visit whenever you feel like it.

Perhaps they were a keen gardener? If so, you might decide to plant a rose bush in their memory and scatter some of the ashes on top.

The only downside? If you decide to move house, or the house no longer belongs in the family, you won’t be able to visit.


4. The crematorium or cemetery

Many crematoriums offer a special area designed for spreading ashes after cremation. They provide a great location for friends and family to make a returning visit, and typically consist of a well-maintained and peaceful garden.

A number of cemeteries across the UK offer this option too. So, if the deceased has relatives in a particular cemetery, it may be a great opportunity to scatter their ashes close by. Always check with the cemetery or crematorium what their rules are with spreading ashes on their grounds, as they may have a charge for doing this.



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