If you’ve recently lost a loved one and looking to organise a funeral, it can be hard to think logically and make practical decisions during such a difficult time. It can almost feel like you just want to get it out of the way in as little time as possible.

While that’s completely understandable, it’s worth taking the extra time to weigh up your funeral provider options. After all, you want to ensure your loved one receives the celebration of life they deserve, right?

So, to help make things clearer for you in which may otherwise be a foggy moment in time, we’ve put together 5 things to consider when choosing a funeral provider.

1. What type of funeral services do they provide?

First of all, you want to make a decision on what type of funeral you want to arrange. Would your loved one appreciate a more traditional funeral, or would they rather a simple, no-fuss direct cremation service?

With this in mind, you want to make sure that your prospective funeral provider is able to cater for your needs.

You’ll also want to uncover any additional services available in their offering, so you know exactly what’s possible. Do they have the facilities to arrange collection/transport for you? Can they source a suitable coffin? And what about further add-ons such as floral arrangements?

In short, it’s wise to contact your shortlist of funeral providers, gain an understanding of the type of services they have to offer, and narrow your selection down to those who suit your needs.

2. Do they seem a reliable and trustworthy funeral provider?

You want to be confident in the funeral providers reliability and trustworthiness before considering them as an option. But how can you be so sure you’ll receive a satisfactory service? The simple answer is, you can’t be 100% certain. But there are a couple of ways to achieve a better understanding of what to expect.

  • Read reviews/feedback – With modern day technology, there’s no hiding from feedback - whether it be positive or negative. Customers nowadays are eager to let others know of their experience, especially if it wasn’t as they anticipated, so use this to your advantage. A simple Google search of a funeral provider’s company name and you’ll likely find pages of feedback from previous customers. Give them a read, even look at their social media profiles, and you’ll soon form an opinion on whether they’re a good choice.
  • Service offering – Take a look at how the funeral provider describes the service they offer. Again, looking online is a quick and easy way to do so. You’ll want to understand how the company works, their process from start to finish, and how they portray themselves. All of this will help you form a more educated opinion of their credibility.
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3. Does the pricing seem fair?

Pricing. Possibly the most important point for some, especially if you’re working towards a tight budget. To ensure you’re receiving a good price, have a look around and compare with other funeral providers - but make sure you’re comparing firms with similar services only! There’s not much value in looking at a competitor's pricing if they can’t offer the service you’re looking for.

At Celebration of Life, we offer a simple, fuss-free direct cremation service from just £950, saving up to 75% on the average £4,000 funeral. Our direct cremation service includes 24/7 guidance and support, collection from anywhere in Britain, a simple traditional coffin, care of the deceased at our mortuary facilities, as well as ashes returned by hand anywhere in Great Britain. Find out more about our direct cremation offering today, or contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements.

4. Are payment options flexible?

Following on from the point above, there’s more to consider than just a fixed price. You may want to explore the available payment options to suit your financial situation, especially if you’re purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan.

Monthly payment terms can be extremely useful. For each provider, it’s worth knowing your payment options, the rates at which they’re offered, and how far down the line you can spread these payments.

5. Which locations do they cover?

A fairly obvious point to consider, but one that can be thought about none the less. Before finalising your funeral provider decision, make sure they cover your location. You may find some that only cover a particular region.

At Celebration of Life, we cover the whole of Great Britain with our direct cremation and pre-paid funeral plan services. Whether you’re located in Scotland, Wales, or England, we can offer an affordable funeral tailored to you.


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