Whether you’re planning ahead of time, or a loved one has recently passed away, turning straight towards a traditional funeral may be your natural instinct- and there’s no surprise. Funerals date back thousands of years and have been the norm in human culture. However, that doesn’t mean funerals are for everyone, especially with the steep price tag they often come with.

So, for those looking to stay clear of a traditional funeral, we explore your wider options after death right here.

Do you have to have a funeral by law?

There are no laws in the UK that state you must arrange a funeral service for the deceased. But there is a law that concerns dealing with the body. The Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953 states that you must “dispose of the body of the person who has died by burial, cremation or any other means”.

Within this law, nowhere is a funeral service mentioned. This means the person or decision-maker is completely free to do whatever they please when it comes to saying goodbye.

So, what are the alternatives to a traditional funeral service? Let’s take a look.

Funeral service alternatives

In recent times, the UK has seen a change in attitude towards what happens after death, and there are now more alternatives to a traditional funeral service than ever before. From direct cremations, through to green funerals and further celebrations of life, you’ll find an option suited to your desires and budget.

If you’re not keen on the thought of a traditional funeral service, or just want something a little different, here are various funeral alternatives you may want to consider.

Funeral service

Direct cremation

Perhaps you, or your loved one, dislikes fuss and would rather a subtle send off? Or maybe you’d rather avoid the hefty price tag of a traditional funeral? If either rings true, then a direct cremation service could be the option of you’ve been looking for. But what exactly does this involve?

A direct cremation is a simple, dignified cremation without the need of a crematorium service. Essentially, it offers a low-cost alternative to a more traditional funeral, allowing you to bid a respectful farewell in a simple, fuss-free way.

It may be simple, but that doesn’t mean you aren't able to celebrate the life of your loved one with friends and family. A direct cremation allows for the perfect opportunity to make a celebration much more personal, more authentic, and one that reflects how your loved one perceived life.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? We can help with your direct cremation needs. As Great Britain’s best value direct cremation provider, we’re dedicated to providing clear, simple and affordable direct cremations across the UK. From just £950, we can save you up to 75% compared to the average £4,000 funeral and are available 24/7 to answer your queries. Why not contact us today and learn more about our cremation offerings.

direct cremation

A celebration of life

Celebrations of life are becoming extremely popular in place of traditional funeral services. Typically, families will arrange for a direct cremation or direct burial service prior to the celebration of life.

A celebration of life offers a great way for families to focus on the positives, and arrange an event that brings out happiness during a difficult time. It’s no surprise, death can be difficult to deal with, but taking a positive outlook on the sending off of a loved on can create memories that last.

Green funerals

Environmental awareness has expanded across the nation, leading to a rise in green funerals. This involves the use of biodegradable coffins, natural woodland site burials, as well as burials no deeper than two feet to reduce methane emissions.

Not only does opting for a green or natural burial have less impact on the environment, but offers a more natural setting for a memorial service to take place.

green funeral

Explore your funeral options with Celebration of Life

As we’ve unveiled, traditional funeral services aren’t your only option. So, think about what you or your loved one would prefer, have a conversation with your friends and family, and contact our friendly team at Celebration of Life today. With a simple, fuss-free direct cremation service alongside our pre-paid funeral plan, our aim is to provide affordable funerals tailored to you.

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