Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, and navigating the funeral arrangements can add an extra layer of stress during an already challenging time. For those seeking a cost-effective and simple alternative, direct cremation can be a viable option.

In this guide, we will explore the world of direct cremations and provide practical tips on how to arrange one while still honouring the memory of your loved one.

Understanding Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a simple and no-frills approach to handling the remains of a loved one. Unlike traditional funeral services, direct cremation does away with the elaborate ceremonies, embalming, and viewings. Leaving loved ones with the freedom to plan a more personal send-off.

The body is cremated without a service at the crematorium, and the ashes are then returned to the family. This simplified process significantly reduces costs while still allowing families the flexibility to plan personalised memorial services at their own pace.

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Direct Cremation from Celebration of Life

Take a look at our prepaid direct cremation plan which allows you to secure today's price ready for when you need us in the future.

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Benefits of Choosing Direct Cremation

  • Cost-Effective: Direct cremation is typically more affordable than traditional funeral services, as it eliminates many of the associated costs.
  • Flexibility: Families have the freedom to plan memorial services at a time and place that suits them, without the time constraints of a traditional funeral.
  • Simplicity: Direct cremation minimises the complexity of funeral arrangements, offering a straightforward and uncomplicated option for those seeking simplicity.

Arranging an Affordable Direct Cremation

Explore Online Providers

Online platforms dedicated to funeral planning and cremation services may offer competitive prices. Ensure they are reputable by checking reviews and testimonials.

At Celebration of Life, our aim is to help and change how we celebrate the lives of our loved ones by being transparent about our services and pricing.

How much is a direct cremation?

Celebration of Life offer a direct cremation for someone who has recently passed away from £895. With this type of service, you pay for what is needed, so there may be additional costs to consider, such as a doctor’s fee, the return of ashes or if an urgent collection from home is required. You can find out more about this type of service and pricing here.

If you are looking to pay in advance, we also offer a fully inclusive prepaid plan for £1,450 or pay monthly options are available from £29.97 per month. This covers all of the costs you could need for our direct cremation service, so family would have nothing more to pay. More information about our prepaid plan can be found here.

When is the cremation needed?

Now or very soon I'm planning for the future

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Understand the Inclusions

When comparing prices, make sure to understand what is included in the direct cremation package. Some services may have additional fees for an urgent collection, doctor's fees or the return of ashes.

At Celebration of Life, our direct cremation includes:

  • Help and guidance throughout
  • Collection from a mortuary within mainland Great Britain
  • A simple traditional coffin
  • Care of the deceased at our mortuary facilities
  • Removal of any electronic devices such as a pacemaker
  • An unattended cremation at our partner crematorium

With our prepaid plan, even more is included so that family are guaranteed to not have anything more to pay when it comes to our direct cremation service. Find out more about our prepaid direct cremation plan.

DIY Memorial Services

Consider hosting a memorial service at home or in a community space to avoid venue fees. DIY memorial services allow for a personal and heartfelt tribute without the added costs.

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