If a loved one has recently passed away and chosen to be cremated, you may be wondering what to do with the ashes besides keeping them in an urn. As cremations and direct cremations become more popular in the UK, more people are looking for unique things to do with the ashes.  So here are 6 meaningful things to do with a loved one’s cremation ashes.


1.    Scatter the ashes in a meaningful place

One of the most popular things to do with a loved one’s ashes, is to scatter them in a meaningful place that you and your family can return to and pay respects. This may be somewhere your loved one used to visit, had special memories at, or wished they had visited such as woodland areas, at sea, or somewhere more personal like in your garden. In the UK, there is no law that prohibits the scattering of ashes in certain places, just be sure to get permission from the person who owns the land beforehand.

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2.    Turn the ashes into jewellery

One way to keep your loved one close to you at all times is to get their ashes made into jewellery. This can be a ring, necklace charm, cufflinks or even earrings – depending on your personal preference. To add more sentiment, you can also choose to add an engraved message on the back that has a personal meaning to you and your loved one.

As this process only uses a small amount of the ashes, other close family members or friends can also get ashes jewellery for themselves.

3.    Get a tattoo with the ashes

It is common for people to get a tattoo dedicated to a loved one after they die. However, to make your memorial tattoo even more meaningful, it is now possible to have tattoo ink made with the ashes of your loved one. This way, you can have a small part of your loved one inked on your skin for the rest of your life. There are a few specialist studios that do cremation tattoos in the UK – but always do your research beforehand.

4.    Turn the ashes into a vinyl

Whether it is a favourite song of theirs, or simply a song that reminds you of them, music is a beautiful way to connect with a loved one who has died and can help you remember good times spent with them. Getting ashes turned into a vinyl which holds a recording of your choosing is a great way to preserve the ashes, for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. This can be an especially great idea if your loved one was a music lover.

ashes into vinyl

5.    Turn the ashes into art

Similar to memorial jewellery, you can have your loved one’s ashes made into a piece of unique art. Memorial art is available in many different forms, such as glass art or paintings. Turning your loved one’s ashes into a glass sculpture is a lovely way to preserve their memory and they can be engraved with personal messages. Alternatively, you may choose to have their ashes turned into a painting of whatever you choose – this could be a nice landscape painting or even a painting of your loved one.

6.    Plant a tree with their ashes

As green funeral and woodland burials continue to grow in popularity, you may wish to plant your loved one’s ashes and transform them into a tree after they have passed. By burying the ashes in a biodegradable urn, you can grow a memorial tree using the cremated remains – keeping their memory alive through the tree for hundreds of years. This is a perfect way to create an environmentally friendly and long-lasting memorial, especially if your loved one was passionate about nature and the environment.

memorial tree

Cremation ashes: Need further advice?

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