Christmas is a time of year that is often associated with family, friends, and loved ones. For many people, it is a time to come together and celebrate the festive season. However, for those of you who have lost a loved one, the holiday season can be a particularly difficult time. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to keep your loved one's memory alive during this special time of year.

In this article, we explore 4 unique ways to remember a loved one this Christmas.

1. Create a memorial decoration

Decorating the house for Christmas is a special tradition for many families. However, for those missing a loved one, putting out the decorations without them can be a bittersweet process. If you want to keep your loved one included in the festivities, creating a memorial decoration in their memory can offer some comfort. One way you can create a meaningful memorial decoration is to use personal items that belonged to your loved one such as fabric from their clothing to make a special bauble for the tree or a homemade stocking.

memorial decoration

2. Cook their favourite festive food

At Christmas, food is an integral part of festive celebrations, bringing families and friends together to enjoy each other's company and be thankful for the year they have had. But when an important family member is no longer there to join everyone at the table, it can be difficult and upsetting. One way to keep your loved one involved in the festive dinners and lunches after their death is to incorporate some of their favourite foods into the meals. 

There are many ways you can incorporate your loved one's favourite food into your Christmas celebration. You could prepare their favourite festive dish as part of your holiday meal, or you could also consider creating special desserts or treats that are inspired by your loved one's favourite flavours or ingredients. 

This is a lovely way to celebrate the person's life, while also enjoying meals that bring back special memories and hold special meaning for you and your family.

christmas food

3. Light a memorial candle

Candles are often used as symbols of hope, light, and warmth, and can be a comforting presence during times of loss or sadness. At Christmas, lighting a special memorial candle is a way to honour and remember loved ones, and to keep their memory alive during the holiday season. Lighting a candle in memory of a loved one at Christmas can provide a sense of solace and comfort and can be a way to express love and appreciation for the person, even though they are no longer physically present.

4. Organise a memory walk with friends and family

For a lot of families, Christmas walks are a tradition. Whether it be on Christmas day after a roast, or boxing day morning, it is always a great way to walk off the festive food and drink and enjoy nature with loved ones. Taking a memory walk in honour of a deceased loved one at Christmas is a great way to honour them and keep their memory alive. 

A memory walk could be to their favourite place to go when they were alive, or even to the site of their ashes. Going on a memory walk with family and friends is a great way to reconnect with your loved one, talk about memories you have of them, and improve mental well-being.

christmas memory walk

Christmas memorial ideas: Need further advice?

We hope this advice is helpful and can offer you some comfort over the Christmas period.

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