According to new research, over a third of British people feel that traditional funerals are too sombre.

In recent years, it has become clear that the idea of a traditional funeral does not appeal to an increasing majority of the population.

With a rise in demand for more uplifting celebrations, we’re seeing families opt for more personalised funerals than ever before.

Personalising a funeral can turn it into a true celebration instead. But, what can you do to personalise a funeral?

In this guide, we’ve rounded up 4 alternative ideas to help create a truly individual and celebratory send-off.

1. Music with meaning

When planning a celebration of life for your loved one, you can have any music you like.

Many people, though, opt for a piece of music that has a special meaning to the deceased.

You might choose anything from traditional hymns to a recent chart hit, their favourite TV theme tune, or even live music.

The deceased may have even left a specific musical request before they passed.

2. Create a memory table

An increasingly popular set-up at a celebration of life is a memory table.

Speak to friends and family and ask them to bring something that represents a happy memory they had with the deceased.

Arrange a display that includes photographs from when they were born, when they got married, with their children, and any other uplifting memories.

You can also leave trinkets and physical objects that represent their job, lifestyle and favourite things, such as their most-loved bottle of drink or fragrance.

This gives loved ones a chance to reminisce about the good times and start a conversation to celebrate the life of their loved one.

memory table

3. Meaningful flower arrangements

Flowers are a popular part of many send-offs, but you might be looking for something more personal than a standard wreath.

Gone are the days when funerals only used white lilies or orchids. A celebration of life is a great opportunity to design some quirky arrangements that look good, and have a special meaning too.

Whilst conventional arrangements can be comforting, why not express their personality in a floral display.

Perhaps your loved one was green-thumbed and spoke about a favourite flower they had planted in their garden. Sports teams, hobbies and pets are some popular choices for meaningful flower arrangements.

4. Show off their true colours

Instead of dressing in traditional black attire, more of us want friends and family to wear brightly coloured clothes at our funeral.

If your loved one was a larger than life character with a vibrant personality, you might want to honour them by requesting attendees to wear bright, cheerful clothing.

Suggest that family and friends wear the colour of the deceased’s beloved sports team or their favourite colour.

This will ensure that the entire celebration of life is blanketed in colours that were important to your loved one.

flower arrangement

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