When it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one, families can often end up paying thousands of pounds for things they don’t want or need - simply because they don’t realise they have a choice.

Funeral homes will usually offer extras that traditionally come with a funeral, such as expensive coffins, costly flowers, and catering.

The result? Ready-made, unoriginal funerals that cost a lot of money, are filled with unnecessary extras, and do not reflect the life they are meant to be celebrating.

But it doesn’t have to be that way - there are ways to organise a low cost funeral in the UK.

In this article, we explore low cost funeral options and offer some tips on how you can plan an affordable funeral.

How much is a low cost funeral?

The cost of dying in 2020 is now around £4,184, according to SunLife’s latest report - that’s a 1.7% increase compared to the previous year.

Whilst the actual cost of a funeral varies from each funeral provider, it's safe to say that traditional funerals are costly for most people. 

But how much is a low cost funeral?

Low cost funerals, or 'simple funerals', are a more affordable, no-frills approach to a traditional funeral - and typically cost much less. Simple funerals leave out the less essential services, and give you the most important services in a lower cost format. 

There are several affordable options available, from direct cremations to low cost, pre-paid funeral plans.

But which is cheapest, and which is the best option for you? We explore those questions further below. 

What is the cheapest option for a funeral?

The answer? Direct cremations.

Whilst direct cremations are not ‘cheap funerals’, they are an alternative to having a funeral. This alternative can be up to 60% cheaper than a traditional funeral.

Direct cremations are a cremation without a formal funeral service, meaning there are fewer expenses as there is no need for an expensive coffin, flowers or catering.

Find out more about what a direct cremation is in our recent blog.

How can I plan a low cost funeral?

If you are worried about the cost of your funeral rising in the future, a pre-paid funeral plan will protect you against this.

Pre-paid plans are ideal for those who are keen to secure today’s price. No matter how high funeral prices rise in 10, 20 or 30 years time, your funeral plan price is guaranteed and you won’t need to pay more.

Additionally, a pre-paid funeral plan allows you to document your final wishes in advance.

Perhaps you have a piece of music that is special to you, or you’d like your favourite flowers at your funeral.

Whatever your wishes, this type of service will give you great flexibility over the type of event you’d like held in your memory.

Looking to learn more about this type of service? Read our guide to pre-paid funeral plans.

Low cost funeral plans in Great Britain

There are several ways you can make your funeral more affordable - one way is to arrange a low cost, pre-paid funeral plan.

At Celebration of Life, we offer a simple, fully inclusive funeral plan for just £1,450.

If you are ready to start making arrangements for a low cost funeral, contact us today. We’re happy to help answer any questions you might have.

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